Western Togoland: 11 Suspects discharged upon AG’s advice

The Kanashie District Court presided over by Her Worship Rosemond Doudua Agyiri has discharged eleven accused persons involved in the Western Togoland case.

The discharge was after Detective Inspector Richard Amoah had informed the Court that, they have received advice from the Attorney General’s office on the docket of the accused persons.

According to him, the advice from the AG’s department was that the 11 accused persons should be discharged because there was not enough evidence against them.

The magistrate, therefore, discharged the accused persons.

Meanwhile, two others who were arrested later, Cosmos Havor and Vincent Ramsayer have been remanded into police custody to reappear on July 15 awaiting advice from the Attorney General.

They were earlier on a provisional charge of Treason Felony and Conspiracy to commit crime to wit treason felony.

The freed

Those discharged are Emmanuel Alorwordor, David Hedidor, Christian Nuderkor, Paul Nunekpeku, Edwin Dzinyela Olu, Mawutar Gadri, Charles Gakpe Agbohla, Serlorm Dorpe, Atsu Awudzi, Akorlie Dzidotor and Papa Denyo.

The two of Vincent Ramsayer Atsu and Cosmos Havor

Brief facts

The brief facts of the case to the court were that the accused persons are members of prohibited organizations namely Western Togoland Restoration Front (WTRF) and Western Togoland
Foundation (WTF).

According to Detective Inspector Amoah, on or before September 25, 2020 the accused together with others at large agreed with a common purpose to secede
from the Republic of Ghana.

According to him, pursuant to their agreement, on September 25, 2020 between the hours of 0100 and 0700, members of accused persons and others at large armed themselves
with offensive weapons such as guns, cutlasses, cudgels and many

The prosecutor said, they simultaneously launched attacks on some selected government installations within towns in the Volta and Eastern Region namely, Aveyime, Mepe, Bator, Juapong and New Akrade.

He told the Court that, the affected government installations include North Torngu District Assembly, Aveyime and Mepe Police Stations.

The accused persons he said overpowered the police officers on duty at the stations, broke into the armouries and carted away thirteen (13) AK 47 Assault Rifles, two (2) pistols, five (5) Pump Action Guns, one (1) Short Gun, two(2) Mack-3 Guns, One (1) Mack-4 Gun, three (3) SMG rifles, eleven (11) Rubber Bullets, twenty-five (25) rounds of 37mm Tear Gas Cartridge, about three hundred (300) rounds of AK-47 ammunition.

Additionally, he said, they took along a Police patrol vehicle at the Aveyime
Police Station with registration number GP 195.

The prosecutor said, at the District Assembly, they forcibly broke in the offices and made away with five (5) desktop computers, one
MTN Turbo net router, one (1) refrigerator and a printer.

He told the court that, they unlawfully blocked the four major roads that connect the Volta Region from Accra direction amidst chanting “Freedom! Freedom!! Freedom!!! this is our land” and obstructed Road users access to the road.

Accordibg to him, the police vehicle, four AK47 rifles, 55 rounds of ammunition, six AK47 magazines, one bionet and tear-gas have been retrieved.

Police intelligence led to the arrest of the accused persons and have been arraigned before the court.

Source: Kasapafmonline.com

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