We’ll declare election results 24hours after voting – EC

The Electoral Commission (EC) of Ghana, has announced that it plans to declare the results of the December 7 general elections 24hours after the end of polls after putting in place all the necessary measures to enable it achieve that goal.

The 2020 polls, according to the election management body, will be recorded as the best in country’s history.

The Director of Elecotral Services, Dr. Serebuor Quarcoo, speaking at the national dialogue on peaceful election in Accra, said the EC has dispatched almost all materials that will be needed for this year’s general elections to the regions more than two weeks to the polls.

All things being equal, by the next day before we go to bed we would have declared the results. Our plan is that we want to declare results on the 8th of December, that’s why I said that this year’s election is going to be the best because we are putting in place all the planning that it needs and we are getting all the support that we need. All the logistics have been put in place, all the regions and districts have been asked to submit what they will need to make our dream of declaring the results the next day a reality”, he noted.

The West African nation will be on the spotlight come December 7, 2020, as it goes to the polls to elect a President and 275 Members of Parliament (MPs) for a period of four years.

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