Prioritize environmental protection – Dr. China to TESCON students

The former Deputy Ambassador to China, Dr Charles Dwamena, who is popularly known as Dr China, visited the Owabi Ramsar site with a group of TESCON students for a bird viewing exercise as part of activities marking the 2021 UN Migratory Bird Day.

In his address to the gathering, Dr Dwamena highlighted the need for all to prioritize environmental protection as it is at the core of the very existence of humans.

To this end, he encouraged all, particularly those in leadership positions, to use their offices to pursue environmentally-friendly policies. He particularly called for the protection of the habitats of migratory birds. According to him, migratory birds are an essential part of the ecosystem and a good indicator of peace and stability in every environment. He indicated that migratory birds and most wild life flee chaotic environments such as conflict zones, violence prone areas, etc. and that by protecting our Ramsar sites, a more conducive environment will attract more species of migratory birds and other wildlife with its accompanying positive benefits to the local economies as well as the national.

The Park Manager, Madam Patience thanked Dr Dwamena for the visit and called for a concerted effort to fight encroachment on the Ramsar site. The park officials further disclosed that a good number of the numerous species of birds that were living at the sanctuary have relocated due to the activities of encroachers leaving only about 30 species.

Hon Klinsman Karikari Mensa, an Assembly Member of the Ejisu Municipal Assembly, who was part of the team, expressed joy at the trip and pledged to be an advocate of environmental protection among his colleague Assembly Members.

The TESCON students, drawn from various institutions in the Ashanti region, expressed their appreciation to Dr Dwamena for selecting them to embark on such an insightful trip and pledged to start a social media campaign to create more awareness on the need to protect their environment.

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