ngi2020: Are you the one?

The world’s desperate search for solutions in the perilous times of mysterious ravaging plagues, devastation and moral decadence may just have to be eased off as a radical Christian project – BROKEN & EMPOWERED (BE) pursues a mission of unleashing God’s end time breed ready to engage and lead the spiritual and intellectual transformation the world is hungry to see!

So on the heels of dwindling hope, crisis of faith and looming fear of the future – the BE PROJECT ushers Ghanaians and the global faith community into a new revival experience of the fragrance of God with it’s NEW GENERATION INVASION 2020 event.

Being it’s second year running, NEW GENERATION INVASION offers an intense burning bush spiritual encounter – gathering ladies and young adults dissatisfied with the status quo and restless enough to break grounds in engaging heaven for God’s NOW WORD and intervention for the world’s urgent needs!

BE PROJECT is a non-denominational apostolic discipleship HIVE (focus on Ladies and youth); a kingdom rallying ground and alignment for the rising borderless remnant army of God and bringing back the fresh, accurate and resounding voice of God to the center of all human endeavors!

This year’s event is scheduled to take place from 18th – 19th July LIVE on BE’s YouTube, Zoom, Facebook and Mixlr platforms at 3pm each day.

2020’s edition is also hosting B.E’s patron, the renowned Apostle Arome Osayi from Remnant Christian Network (RCN) Nigeria and even amidst this Covid-19 season, the ministry is positive to have a life changing event that will lead attendees to acknowledge their kingdom identity blueprint.

BE’s project is to reawaken and chart a path of SELF REDISCOVERY according to God’s blueprint that automatically leads to PERSONAL VOICE & POWER capture towards the fulfillment of KINGDOM purpose!

BE’s convener is Eyram Bashan-a leading voice and revivalist in kingdom mission, respected media icon, mentor, life coach, entrepreneur and social transformation activist.

For more info kindly check social media handles @beprojectbe whatspp 0544100211

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